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CPPSS00059 Batons and Handcuffs Skill Set


This course is for participants whose employer requires them to carry Batons and Handcuffs whilst performing their security duties – those who carry Batons or Handcuffs must complete the required training and be authorized by their employer to carry and have a genuine reason to carry and use. Our experienced trainer Barry Hamilton gives the trainees the legalities and the skills and knowledge required to present and control a person using batons and handcuffs. Participants will gain practical experience using batons and handcuffs in a simulated environment.


There are no pre-requisites (other then holding a current QLD security licence) to gain entry into this course under the training package, however participants must have sufficient skills to read, write and communicate in English.

Licence & Regulatory Requirements: 

This course is not a licensed course. however, industry recommendation is to complete refresher training every 2 years to maintain current with skills and industry knowledge.

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