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Do you need to do your Crowd Control Refresher Training? CPPSEC3101A Manage Conflict and Security Risk Through Negotiation and CPPSEC3121A Control Person Using Empty Hand Techniques. BJH Training and Consulting is running in-class training sessions. To register simply give us a call on 0409456600 or Register on online below:


Crowd control refresher training on the 13th of May 2023 at Mt Archer Scout Hall in Honour Street starting at 8am
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Crowd control refresher training on the 27th of May 2023 at Mackay Scout Hall 49 Hume Street starting at 9am
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Crowd Control Re-validation / Refresher

If you have received a renewal notice with a letter from the Queensland Government office of fair trade outlining what refresher training is required for you maintain your Qld security licence. It is recommended that you book in and undertake your revalidation/refresher training and assessment within 90 days prior to your expiry date.

The obligation is upon the security licence holder to maintain their security licence in order to keep working lawfully.

Security Providers licence renewals are administered by the Queensland Government Office of Fair Trading. The process for preparing and submitting the licence renewal application will be covered on the course. Refer to the Office of Fair Trading website for further information and current licence recertification fees. This course meets the training requirements to maintain your crowd control function on your Class 1 Security Providers Licence:

  • Security Officer (Crowd Control)

BJH Training and Consulting provides existing crowd control licence holders the ability to revalidate one or more units of competency as directed by Office of Fair Trading QLD in order to meet your licensing obligations.Officers should book in as soon as you receive your renewal notification. We recommend no less than 60 days and allow 30 days for OFT to process your renewal. This should ensure that you have zero down time and unable to work.

BJH Training and Consulting requires the candidate to already hold the crowd control function on the Qld class 1 security licence or provide a letter from office of fair trade directing that the candidate is to undertake the training.
The candidate is going to need good reading and writing skills.Preparation: These criteria are offered as a guidelines for candidates to participate in the crowd control skill set course. The final responsibility regarding the ability to participate in course rests with the each candidate.
  • Average fitness level and can stand for extended periods. (more than 40 minutes)
  • Kneel on either knee and be able to raise unassisted
  • Lie in a prone position and rise unassisted
  • Participate actively. (running, falling, rising, compliance holds, striking training bags, grappling, etc)
  • Adequate grip strength to control persons and training equipment
  • Ability to hear training commands
  • Ability to give verbally commands clearly

Units of Compentency

CPPSEC3101 Manage Conflict and Security Risk Through Negotiation
CPPSEC3121 Control Persons Using Empty Hand Techniques
and HLTAID014 Advanced First Aid if needed

The Security Providers Act 1993 requires individuals who hold the Crowd Controller licence function to undertake refresher training every three years or as directed by office of fair trading.

All security providers are required to maintain a current First Aid certificate.